Richfield, UT february 17, 2018

The Joyful Living Women's Conference is thrilled to announce the absolutely inspirational Nathan Ogden founder of Chair the Hope as the keynote speaker for the Richfield, UT 2018 conference.

We will also be welcoming on the main stage: Jennifer Starr Buss (A Hero's Journey), Wendy Bunnell (From Critical to Confident), Julie May (Yes Women's Network), relationship experts Michael and Barbary Grossman, and many more!



Sevier Valley Center

800 West 200 South 

Richfield, Utah 84701


Create Joy in All Areas of Your Life!

We are not one dimensional beings. If we are out of balance in one area of our life, it impacts all other areas!

The Joyful Living Women's Conference will help you:

  • Increase personal joy in your life
  • Become empowered to create a life you love
  • Heal your body and mind
  • Inspire others to greatness!

This conference is all about finding joy and happiness in the present, and learning to improve and create an even better future. You cup will be filled and you will be find an abundance of ideas to uplevel your life!



Nathan Ogden

Nathan is the founder of Chair the Hope. He is a highly sought after inspirational keynote speaker, trainer and author of the book, Unfrozen.

Nathan shattered his neck snow skiing leaving him a quadriplegic in 2001. Through intense therapy and pain over the next year he recovered nearly half of his body function and began working full-time again. Just as life seemed “normal” again Nathan experienced another devastating neck break that robbed him the use of his hands, triceps, and any regained movement from the chest down. By staring his excuses in the eye he found new legs to live life standing taller.

Nathan has taught thousands in business, organizations, nonprofits and schools how to conquer their fears and move from paralysis to progress through eliminating excuses in their professional and personal lives. Since his second neck break he has experienced snow skiing, snorkeling, skydiving, completing a half triathlon and most recently rappelling off a 150 foot cliff. Nathan resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife, Heather, and together they enjoy raising their four children. His courage and determination give hope and power to all who know and hear his message.


juliehead down.jpg

Julie May

President of Shine Events and producer of the Joyful Living Women's Conference.

Julie May has been inspiring youth and adults as a teacher and mentor for over 10 years. She is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, coach, and A-list producer. She is the president and founder of Shine Events which produces events that inspire individuals to: Simplify, Heal, Inspire, Nourish, and Empower their lives.  She produces the Joyful Living Women’s Conference where hundreds of women come to be inspired by some of the top speakers, authors, and coaches in the nation. 

Julie coaches business leaders in fulfilling their purpose in life, creating higher productivity levels, and successful event production. She is on the board of directors for the Keynote Speakers Coalition with other greats like Dan Clark and Frank Shankwitz, founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Julie is one of the co-authors for the #1 best-selling book, “Success Through Failing.” 


Wendy Bunnell

International Best Selling Author of “Success through Failing”

Author, Speaker, Mentor

Wendy Bunnell is an mentor, presenter, author and confidence coach. She is CEO of Critical 2 Confidence which  helps individuals learn to raise their personal value so that they can form the life, income, business, and relationships that they have always dreamt about but never knew how to create.

Wendy is also the driving force behind the book and movement, “Success through Failing”, recruiting 24 other powerful and inspiring women who are combining forces to change the hearts and minds of thousands of women.

She has several successful businesses including a thriving real estate career, network marketing background,  as well as her busy mentoring and speaking career. 

Even with all of her busy endeavors, her family is frontrunner in her life and include six children and eight grandchildren. 

You can find out more about Wendy at



Michael Grossman M.D. & 

Barbara Grossman PhD.

Barbara Grossman, PhD

Dr. Barbra Grossman has a Ph.D. in theology and personality from the Claremont School of Theology. She is licensed as a therapist for individuals, couples, and families. Her training included pastoral counseling with ministers who were cross-training in individual psychotherapy and marriage and family counseling. 

Her background integrates spiritual and psychological perspectives.

She believes such integration represents a special opportunity for maturing individuals and couples. Dr Barbara deliberately chose the marriage and family therapy license because it represents a desire to foster good relationships. For the past 30 years, she has maintained a busy private practice. Having seen so many couples for so long a time, she has been able to gain a deep understanding of what is going on in American marriages.

The desire to share their healing journey of married life, and inspire others to learn how to develop the practical tools to likewise travel that path, motivated Drs. Michael & Barbara Grossman to write their new book The Marriage Map: 3 keys To a Fulfilling Romantic Partnership. 


 Michael J. Grossman, M.D.

Dr. Grossman is the Medical Director of OC Wellness and owner of BodyLogicMD of Irvine. He has been in private practice in Orange County California since 1978 and has treated thousands of patients with his preventive and wellness approach to integrative medicine. 

Dr. Grossman is the author of The Vitality Connection: Ten Practical Ways to Optimize Health and Reverse the Aging Process and lectures extensively on various topics of wellness, including stress reduction, nutrition, and reversing aging.

Dr. Grossman is a graduate of New York University School of Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice and Diplomate of the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. 

Jennifer Buss.jpg

                                Jennifer Starr Buss

Jennifer Starr Buss is a passionate transformational speaker, mentor, best-selling author, wellness coach, Certified Reiki Master and Certified Belief Breakthrough coach. She utilizes these tools that she guides others with to actively create the life of her dreams.

Jennifer is founder of A Hero's Journey where she teaches others how to take back power in their life. She specializes in guiding women who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma into stepping out of being a victim and into being the hero in their life story.

Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Family & Human Development. Prior to her speaking/mentoring career she worked several years as a social worker. She and Preston Buss are blessed with five amazing sons.

Segment Main Stage Presenters


Annadel Lemon

Annadel Lemon, “The Freedom Warrior”, is the owner of Freedom Warrior Wellness in Bountiful Utah. She is a Mentor, Speaker, Certified Energy Practitioner and Health coach Annadel Is an expert at helping free people from past negative trauma so they clearly see their own potential and freely step into greatness. She uses energy therapy, tried-and-true mentoring techniques, and lessons learned along her own trauma journey to mentor others to success in business, health, and relationships. She is the author of the upcoming book “ Beyond The Pie Hole, 7 Steps To Shed Your Emotional and Physical Fat Suit”


Kara Brandt

Kara Brandt co-founder of Elevate Wholeness and creator of SOULpeace, is a mind/body/soul transformation expert, singer, experienced speaker and facilitator. Kara’s mentoring career began as a professional performer and teacher of singing. Kara’s mission is to inspire wholeness for others through connecting to the divine and becoming aligned with truth.

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Chani Birkner

Chani is the CEO and Founder of Cords of She has been helping others to find inner confidence, learn communication patterns, and to protect themselves energetically for 14 years. She has worked with Dr. Neil and Cherie Logan to create new and effective techniques for communication, healing, and self-mastery. She has given lectures on various topics over the last 12 years, and loves helping others gain an understanding of principles that will empower their lives. She is married to Scott Birkner, and currently homeschools their 6 children in Cedar City, Utah.


Desiree Allridge

Desiree Allridge is an expert belief breakthrough coach and mentor. She hosts a Podcast called Ignite And Live with her good friend and partner, Rebecca Peterson. Desiree Allridge is a best selling author with Kris Krohn in the book, Limitless, Reclaim your Power, Unleash Your Potential, Transform Your Life! She powerfully and passionately empowers individuals with confidence and strength by utilizing tools and processes to create a life of fulfillment, wholeness and possibilities.


Cherie Logan

Cherie is married to Dr. Neil Logan, and the mother of ten children. She retired from homeschooling after 35 consecutive years of teaching her children and sometimes, their teenage friends. She inspires women through her articles, books, and lectures, on enjoying and having confidence as mothers. She’s authored books which are available on Amazon. She’s currently writing, at the request of her daughter, on becoming healthy after molestation – a “This is What We Did and Why” book. She developed extensive courses on family communication, brain language, and raising teens. She is the co-creater of Cords of Light – Connections and Confidence.