Main Stage Sponsor/Speaker

This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for one of YOU to be able to say that you shared the main stage with Kirk Cameron! This opportunity comes up maybe once in a lifetime and can change everything for your speaking career.

We are looking for Sponsors who add value to our event with their expertise in helping women create joy in many areas of their life. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Relationships, Communication, Love, Finances and Business, Overcoming hardships/fear, Living at a higher level of fulfillment,  etc. If you feel like your area of expertise would benefit our attendees and you don’t see it on the list, I would love to talk about how we can benefit each other in this endeavor!

Check out the different levels of sponsorship we have for our main stage speaker/sponsors here: 




Breakout Class Sponser/Speaker

Breakout classes for the Joyful Living Women's Conference will be 45 min. total in length. Because of the large audience we expect and this incredible opportunity for you to share your message along with world renown speakers, we are only accepting sponsored/speaking positions. There will be a $500 sponsorship fee for all selling breakout classes and a $250 fee for non-selling classes during this event due immediately upon acceptance. We are including a vendor booth for selling breakout classes ONLY and lots of pre-conference promotion of you in this sponsorship.