Vernal, UT August 10-11, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker for the 2018 Vernal, UT Joyful Living Women's Conference will be Kirk Cameron! If you don't know who Kirk Cameron is, you probably weren't alive in the 90's! This teen heart throb, turned Christian actor and speaker is one of my heroes and we are so pleased to bring this experience to all of you!




Uintah Conference Center

313 E 200 S

Vernal, UT


Create Joy in All Areas of Your Life!

We are not one dimensional beings. If we are out of balance in one area of our life, it impacts all other areas!

The Joyful Living Women's Conference will help you:

  • Increase personal joy in your life
  • Become empowered to create a life you love
  • Heal your body and mind
  • Inspire others to greatness!

This conference is all about finding joy and happiness in the present, and learning to improve and create an even better future. You cup will be filled and you will be find an abundance of ideas to uplevel your life!


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Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron has been a part of the national landscape since starring as "Mike Seaver" in the ABC hit sit-com, "Growing Pains." That role turned him into a cultural icon in the 80's, with his mullet hairstyle, cool sunglasses, and wisecracking comebacks. Since then, he's appeared in numerous television and movie productions, including the "Left Behind" series, "Monumental," and Fireproof- the marriage-centered film that became the #1 grossing inspirational movie of 2008. His newest film, Connect, released Feb, 2018, and offers "real help for parenting kids and teens in a Social Media world." He's been featured on Nightline, Fox News, and CNN and currently tours the country speaking live to 30 churches a year as part of the "Living Room Reset" marriage and parenting conference. In the fall of 2016 and 2017, he hosted live Fathom theater events called "Revive Us" -- a "national family meeting" urging the family of faith to return to the biblical principles that will bring blessing and protection to our country. The live events took place in over 750 theaters across the United States and were attended by over 200,000 people.

Kirk and his wife, Chelsea, met on the set of "Growing Pains and have been married for over 26 years. Together they have six teenage children and host an all-expenses-paid summer camp for terminally ill children and their families called Camp Firefly.

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Julie May

President of Shine Events and producer of the Joyful Living Women's Conference.

Julie May has been inspiring youth and adults as a teacher and mentor for over 10 years. She is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, coach, and A-list producer. She is the president and founder of Shine Events which produces events that inspire individuals to: Simplify, Heal, Inspire, Nourish, and Empower their lives.  She produces the Joyful Living Women’s Conference where hundreds of women come to be inspired by some of the top speakers, authors, and coaches in the nation. 

Julie coaches business leaders in fulfilling their purpose in life, creating higher productivity levels, and successful event production. She is on the board of directors for the Keynote Speakers Coalition with other greats like Dan Clark and Frank Shankwitz, founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Julie is one of the co-authors for the #1 best-selling book, “Success Through Failing.” 


Wendy Bunnell

International Best Selling Author of “Success through Failing”

Author, Speaker, Mentor

Wendy Bunnell is an mentor, presenter, author and confidence coach. She is CEO of Critical 2 Confidence which  helps individuals learn to raise their personal value so that they can form the life, income, business, and relationships that they have always dreamt about but never knew how to create.

Wendy is also the driving force behind the book and movement, “Success through Failing”, recruiting 24 other powerful and inspiring women who are combining forces to change the hearts and minds of thousands of women.

She has several successful businesses including a thriving real estate career, network marketing background,  as well as her busy mentoring and speaking career. 

Even with all of her busy endeavors, her family is frontrunner in her life and include six children and eight grandchildren. 


You can find out more about Wendy at


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Kerry Tepedino

Kerry Tepedino is an internationally recognized Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Counselor of Nutrition, and Craniosacral Therapist.  She is also the founder and host of the widely acclaimed Global Health Summit, where she brings together world renowned masters of health and mindset, supporting the transformation of thousands worldwide.
She is sought after as a top expert in her field for creating a positive mental shift, leading to breaking addictive patterns, natural weight loss, reduced stress, and increased vitality. Her personal experience of recovering from an eating disorder and low self-esteem led her to master holistic living and create a peaceful mindset, which she now teaches to others.


Presenting: The Power of You

 It's time to embrace the miracle that you are and step into your power as a joyful, strong, centered, grounded, impactful woman in this world! Kerry Tepedino, International Health and Mindset Coach has influenced 100K+ people to change how they are living their lives and healing their bodies, and she will be unveiling the exact steps that have been proven to work, so you can too. From this one talk, you will walk away with a Clear Plan that's easy to implement, so you can attain vibrant health physically, mentally, emotionally and vibrationally.

Thomas Blackwell Head Shot.jpg

Thomas Blackwell

Thomas is an inspirational and powerful speaker and one of the lead mindset and business trainers for David Bayer Businesses. Thomas is the author of the book “ The Liberty of Our Language Revealed”. In 2014 Thomas was asked to tell his story in 7 minutes to a group of over 10,000 people. Since that time Thomas has spoken in front of tens of thousand or entrepreneurs and individual and has become one of the most compelling speakers  and trains in the personal and business development space.


Change in any area of your life, especially your business, starts with a change in mindset. But the real key to transformation which has become blatantly absent from the personal development conversation... is HOW.

In this life-altering keynote presentation you will learn the neuroscience of beliefs and learn practical tools to make powerful new decisions that will forever change the course of your business and life.

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Matt Brauning

Matt speaks and runs seminars all over the world. He captivates all types of audiences with an honest, hilarious, and exciting look into how our lives really work.

He founded Evolution in 2006 as a way to make an impact in the world through personal development and education.

Matt has been trained by Anthony Robbins in his exclusive "Platinum Partnership group, filmed in the hit movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and consults with fortune 100 companies.

As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Master Trainer of NLP, Matt is a leader in the field of business development and human potential.


Allyson Chavez

Allyson Chavez is the Ultimate Prosperity Coach and Queen of Connection. She is an international speaker on the topics of mindset, prosperity, and how to create results that matter in every area of your life. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach, an energy practitioner and a sales and communications trainer. Allyson offers live events, webinars and online prosperity courses to entrepreneurs, as well as high end private mentoring. Visit for more information.


Presenting: Success Without Struggle: Winning Your Inner Game

Do you feel like you're getting in your own way of business success, and if you could just figure out HOW to get out of your way, everything would easily fall into place? Are you wondering where the missing piece is? Learn simple, powerful strategies to easily and effortlessly let go of struggle so you can powerfully impact your bank account, relationships and life!


Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown is the Owner of Healing Hearts and Homes and everything she does is around the healing of family and relationships...including healing your relationship with yourself!

Melanie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working with teens, families, and marriages for the last 10 years. She is an active member of the Suicide Prevention coalition and Zero Suicide Initiative in Salt Lake City, Utah. Melanie recently launched an amazing program for parents with teens in crisis, providing tools to rebuild a loving relationship with your teenager.

Passionate about women and men embracing their true brilliance and sharing their gifts with the world, she speaks regularly to groups all over the state and she looks forward to sharing her message of creating JOY in life,  embracing your brilliance and that with true connection suicide can become a distant memory not a daily battle with audiences all across the United States!


Breakout Sessions

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Brittany Wilkerson

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Kristin Huber


Interested in speaking?

Interested in being a Speaker? 

The Vernal, UT Joyful Living Women's Conference is going to be incredible! This event will draw a crowd of people and will literally change the lives of those who attend the event for the better. Do you want to share the stage with Kirk Cameron be on stage in front of a large audience and share your message along with world renown speakers? Check out our Sponsor page!